Frank Schilling feeds Internet Traffic .com new venture destined to fail like NA Media

So you want some expert advice. You want to buy google and yahoo ppc for your law firm or medical practice or real estate office. Okay, I’m what they call a SEM GOD, and an SEO GOD, above mortal ‘gurus’. Guru’s rake in only 250K a year as a seo guru or a sem guru if they know 10% of what I know. It’s two positions in an IT department today, SEO and SEM. And the first thing any sem guru does is cut off Frank Schilling and any other crap content developer that is ripe with FRAUD so our clients don’t waste one dollar on partner and content clicks.

The highest ROI (return on investment) in ppc/sem/seo comes from first view on google and yahoo for the terms a company needs to dominate, the clicks from junk like Schilling does is worthless traffic. WORTHLESS and most content and partner clicks have HUGE FRAUD PROBLEMS.

So, ‘domainers’ are goo goo over SCHillings new SCHlock.

I and other DOMAIN LORDS have lots of professional clients, law firms, doctors, etc. They do what we say since we know the ropes. The first thing they all do is CANCEL OUT all ads for ppc on sites like SCHilling. We commit expensive ppc dollars of clients to one thing only, REAL TRAFFIC from people looking for what they need on a search engine, the reason is simple DIRECT NEED SURFER over bs surfer. Sure typeins used to be important, but very few today TYPE IN anything, they google what they need (80%) and some Yahoo or Bing (less than 20%).

That’s reality folks.

Sure, SCHilling and guys on his coattails like SCHwartz have lots of garbage traffic, some sex terms and stuff. Some minor cpc business terms. But do they own CPC GOLD or CPC PLATINUM. or or


Now if they had some terms like that, ok, they’re major cpc terms for big budgets of Insurance companies and law firms.

But they don’t, they own JUNK.

Google is real strick, the crap sites like are banned from the google indexes, they will not show on page one, and now that SCHilling is trying to create adsense revenue off junk, google will cut him off at the knees in a short time. I GUARANTEE IT.

I’m a SEM god, not a mere sem guru, I can tell you what google does before google does it.


SCHilling cannot afford to develop his ‘portfolio’ of domains, and to google it is crap. Just like link farms and ripped off content, etc.

It doesn’t take google long now to sniff sites and see they have ZERO QS value.

Hey Frank, how come your crap blog on domains seven mile .comĀ  has a ZERO alexa buddy. Damn, even domain king .com that not many read has a crappy 1.5M alexa.

As to NA MEDIA .com, anyone notice it’s really NAME DIA, or name goddess. Can it be Frank wants to be a queen. LOL

So long SCHilling, you won’t be long on the google adsense gravy train.


It’s GUARANTEED as my pal SOLLOG (no I’m not Sollog as some idiots are saying) likes to say in his prophecies …



One thought on “Frank Schilling feeds Internet Traffic .com new venture destined to fail like NA Media”

  1. The main company for Frank Schilling is Uniregistry. He also operated his business with “iregistry”, “linkz”, “Namedia” , “DomainNameSales”…

    He owns so many porn websites, that he should think in changing his name for “the biggest pimp on internet”.

    The story is money laundry, organized crime and fraud.

    If you want to see the kind of shit you get with him, Go on Youtube and search for Mark Abigmess , see videos like “Round 22 – The domainer” or “We are corporates”.

    Frank Schilling is hiding under John Berryhill skirt! Two cowards!

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